OSN Mock Draft v1.0

With 2 more days of free agency remaining so much can change prior to the start of the draft. But here’s what I think each team will do when it comes up to their pick.

1. Ohio – C Willard Martel, Baylor

Our biggest issue last season was our rushing game. It was not completely due to the offensive line but we certainly do need an upgrade there.

2. Frankfurt – T Anthony Fay, Notre Dame

This team is in need of a lot of help. They could go so many ways with this pick but its a known fact that games are won in the trenches. So they take their future franchise Left Tackle in Anthony Fay.

3. Sicily – SS Arlen Henry, USC

Like Frankfurt, and most teams in the top 10, this team needs quite a bit of help. That’s why they’re here… Arlen Henry will bring some physicality to this defense. He can play centerfield, in the slot, playing the run as a Linebacker, you name it he can do it. Henry is the all-around best defender in this class.

4. San Francisco – FS David Pugh, Ole Miss

The Hammerheads are looking to replace Eugene Noll in their secondary and San Francisco loves speedy players with high work ethic. Pugh fits that bill.

5. Philadelphia – G John Ritchie, UCF

They need Linemen. Plain and simple.

6. Chicago –  DT Leroy Mount, Iowa

Chicago was 18th in both rush defense and pass defense (we’ll get to that in just a sec) last year… They need a defensive line upgrade and Mount is a ‘mountain’ of a man. He’ll swallow rushers up the middle with ease.

7. Chicago – FS Joel Eddy, South Carolina

Back to that 18th in pass defense… This defense is not what it was two seasons ago when they won the Continental Bowl. They need to get back to playing tough defense and Eddy will provide the spark they need in the secondary.

8. Washington – WR Michael Gale, Ohio State

The Freebirds have lacked a great passing game for many seasons.. I can almost guarantee that’s because they lack elite speed. Michael Gale can finally provide them with the deep threat they’ve been missing for years.

9. London – RB Ronald McNabb, Connecticut

When you don’t have a Runningback on the roster, to me, that says you need to get yourself a Runningback. McNabb has the best combination of speed, strength, agility and intelligence of all the backs. He’ll be a three-down back and, possibly, provide that offense with a much needed spark.

10. Las Vegas – WR Kerry Banks, Duke

This team, surprisingly, only has two glaring holes… Youth at WR and Strong Safety. Henry is gone and the SS help can come in round 2 because the rest of them are fairly the same. So they need to add a young speedy receiver to their arsenal. Banks is going to be a threat to score every time he touches the ball.

11. Nebraska – LB Frank Roque, Texas Tech

This team lost a ton of players to free agency. But with all the players they have, most are starters, they don’t have too many “holes”. They could use a Receiver but the top two are gone so you have to take the best player at another position of need. Roque can dominate a game with his combination of speed and agility. He can make an impact for this defense.

12. Iowa – CB Henry Noyes, South Carolina

Two Gamecocks Defensive Backs in the top 15? Yep. Its going to happen. Noyes is the top Cornerback in the draft and Iowa has a severe need at DB.

13. Costa Rica – DE Lonnie Nash, Oklahoma

DE Sid Richey is getting paid $3.2M to get single-digit sacks? Nash will do that in his sleep. They need an upgrade for Richey, who is 29 already and could be headed for a drop in talent.

14. Manchester – RB Gregory Bickford, Florida State

Fred Turney is not the answer at Runningback for the Maulers. They need a young stud back to pound the ball and create big gains through the gaps. Bickford could’ve been the first back off the board so the Maulers are lucky he’s still available.

15. Portland – QB Ralph Beeson, Clemson

The Reavers have had far too many ups and downs with Elmer Nelson at the helm. He has been the most inconsistent QB in the CFA. Beeson won’t sit for long and could start even in his rookie year if things turn ugly for the Reavers early on.

16. Cincinnati – LB Edward Tanner, Georgia

With so few players on the roster they can take this pick in almost any direction. Tanner is the best Linebacker left and they have no help at Linebacker with the exception of Juan Jeffers (who’s 31). Tanner immediately jumps in as a day 1 starter.

17. Wisconsin – RB Peter Vargas, Ohio State

Wisconsin has scratched the surface of the playoffs for two years now.. they need to make that jump. They have a talented roster with very few needs. RB Matthew Krause is 30 and isn’t as fast as he once was. Vargas will provide the lightning to his thunder and they’ll be a helluva duo.

18. Orlando – LB James Ogle, Iowa

Another team decimated by free agency. They need a lot of help. I see them going Linebacker but Wide Receiver is a real possibility. They’ll be stoked that Ogle falls this far and snatch him up in a hurry.

19. San Francisco – LB Jack Corrigan, Alabama

They would’ve liked to see Tanner fall 3 more spots but that won’t happen (at least in this scenario). The Hammerheads have an aging defense, they need to start replacing some of their elites and Corrigan would fit right in. He has speed and agility. He is a hard worker and he can tackle very well.

20. West Hampstead – DT Wayne Jewell

This one was a tough one. The Mercs are loaded with talent. But they do have a glaring need at Defensive Tackle. Jewell will step in and start from day 1 alongside John Wright.

21. Tampa Bay – WR Terrance Fowler, USC

Such a talented roster but they’ve been decimated with injuries two years in a row and yet they still managed to make the Playoffs both times. Fowler gives this team a deep threat, that they currently lack, and he won’t do it from the slot. He can start opposite of Stephen Tenney.

22. Berlin – G George Torrence, South Carolina

So many position players have come off of the board but Berlin is sitting here with needs along the O-Line. Torrence starts right away opposite of Edward Martell and they can finally cut Jack Henderson loose to free up a bit more cap space.

23. Carlisle – DE Alan Beck, Arkansas

You know, I don’t know what the hell is going on. Why some owners move all their players to one position. It makes the team really hard to diagnose and moving players to positions they don’t play just makes them worse then they really are…. I just went best player available.

24. Birmingham – T Jose Gross, Alabama

The age of the offensive line is going to cause huge problems in the near future. Gross is a future Left Tackle but he probably plays on the right side to start his career.

25. Ohio – SS Hal Bishop, Louisville

Frank Cook is not the future at Strong Safety for the Cards. Bishop could be that guy. His high work ethic, good speed, strength and tackling ability line up exactly how I like them. He isn’t the smartest player, though, which is why he falls near the end of Round 1.

26. New Jersey – WR Mark Valenzuela, Duke

The other Duke receiver goes in Round 1 also? Yep. Jersey needs some help at Wide Receiver with only one on the roster and not much help out there in Free Agency.

27. West Texas – G Brian Frazier, South Florida

The Wranglers biggest need heading into the new season? Offensive Line. They need to rebuild it with big strong players up front. Frazier fits that bill and they will be ecstatic he falls all the way down to 27 (since they traded back from 15).

28. Trinidad – DB Ricky Grady, Florida

Poor offensive line play is what ultimately cost them the 0-16 season. But with Frazier gone now they need to turn elsewhere and take a linemen with their next pick. They can either move a current Corner to Safety or move Grady to Safety. Either way their next biggest hole is Defensive Back. They’ll fill that hole here instead.

29. St. Louis – QB Brandon King, Bowling Green

The Stallions, as usually, are talented and have no needs.. with one exception. Who’s going to take the reigns when Park (now 33!) retires? This guy.

30. San Diego – WR Edward Bell, Notre Dame

The Raptors are very talented. They’re drafting in this position for a reason. They don’t have any needs, except for depth, so they’ll have to take the best player available. Bell can come in and play immediately in the slot as a role player and return kicks if necessary.

31. Houston – SS William Lattimore, Ohio State

The Pride were thisclose to a Championship last year. They lost very little talent to free agency but they do have a glaring need at Strong Safety. Lattimore is only the third one off of the board and they’ll be glad he fell this far.

32. Cincinnati – DE David Woodall, Texas Tech

Again, they can go in ANY direction with this pick with so few players. They only have one Defensive End on their roster (Mark Leach) and he’s 33. David Woodall is the best Linemen on the board.


Top 5 FSU Prospect for 2024 CFA Draft

As the 2023 NCFA season comes near an end we take a look at the Top 5 FSU Prospects heading into next season’s CFA Draft.

#5 – LB Taylor Thornton

Thornton is a much older fifth-year Senior and will have a much shorter life span in the CFA as he leaves the NCFA already 25 years old. The only thing holding him back from being an early round draft pick is likely going to be that. Otherwise he is a very talented player. He is a bit underweight at 220 but his 6’4″ frame makes up for that a bit. He has an incredible burst but lacks top speed. He needs work tackling but makes up for that in strength. He will be a solid player for a few years before age takes over. Prediction: Late Rounds.

#4 – SS Monty Reese

The 23 year old fifth-year Senior stands at a tall 6’4″ and comes in at a decent 225 lbs. He has played very well in his 9 starts thus far this season picking up 61 tackles (2 TFL), 2 sacks while breaking up 5 passes and forcing 1 fumble. He has very impressive closing speed but does lack the initial burst off the line, which is why he plays off the ball at Safety. His impressive strength will help him transition to the CFA easier and his tackling skills will only improve his draft stock. Prediction: Middle Rounds

 #3 – QB Steven Hurley

The former #2 ranked recruit, Hurley is a fifth-year season that is very young at only 23 years old. He isn’t going to beat you with his feet but he is mobile enough to move around the pocket and has the awareness to elude would-be tacklers. He is no doubt the smartest QB coming out of the NCFA and that’ll help him transition to the CFA much easier. He also has impressive accuracy that is second to none. Where he lacks is arm strength. This is what could prevent him from being a first round talent. I still imagine he’ll sit for a year or two to work on his mechanics and improve his arm strength but eventually he’ll be one of the better starters in the CFA. Prediction: Mid-to-Early Rounds.

#2 RB Gregory Bickford

Currently ranked as the no.1 RB on OSN’s Top 5 RBs coming into the 2024 Draft Bickford can do it all. He doesn’t have the best hands but he can catch the ball out of the backfield well enough. He also can protect the QB in those few instances he’s asked to block. Both of these assets will improve his draft status as the CFA is a very pass happy league. What really sets him apart, though, is his lightning speed, quickness, intelligence and strength. He is overall a very talented RB and should be an early round pick, possibly even first round. Prediction: Early Rounds.

#1 WR Franklin Thomas

Thomas is a beast of a receiver. He currently leads the team in receptions (57) and yards (1364). Thomas, though not ranked as one of the Top 5 WRs on OSN’s list, is the Seminoles top prospect heading into the 2024 CFA Draft. He is so fast almost no defender can match his speed. He has hands so strong he almost never drops the ball (1 drop in 58 targets) and doesn’t fumble (0 fumbles this season). If he catches the ball look out, he’ll burn right past you. He has incredible quickness to change direction in the blink of an eye and his intelligence goes hand in hand to make him a lethal target running routes. Prediction: First or Second Round.

Honorable Mentions:

FS Jay Fryer, K Alexis Peeler, WR Michael Higgins, WR Hipolito Cruz and RB Jared Castillo.

OSN Game of the Week #1


The Battle for Equestrian Supremacy

Mustangs @ Stallions

St. Louis has historically dominated this matchup, sitting at 12-2

What to Take Your Blinders Off For
GOTW. Week 1. New Season, New Reasons. Kind of a big deal, yeh? The Stallions look to pick up right where they left off after a 14-2 season and a successful 8-0 home campaign which saw them lead the league in scoring. They look to both win their division and make the playoffs for the 9th consecutive year. Colorado will try to spoil their opening night after an 11-5 campaign that saw them reach the playoffs for the first time in 5 years.

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