CF2 Call-Ups: Ranking the 2025 class

LB – Luke Fields (Vancouver – Zurich)

Luke Fields started in six games for the Express and showed promise with 32 tackles, one tackle for loss, one sack, and two pass break ups. Fields showed great speed, and has impressed coaches with his work ethic.

FS – Earl Brown (Carolina – Manchester)

Brown played CB in Carolina but was moved to FS under Manchester management. Brown did not start a game, but played well when given the opportunity. He recorded eight tackles, one forced fumble, three sacks, one interception, and broke up two passes.

OTDaniel Jernigan (Ann Arbor to Cincinnati)

Jernigan didn’t start for the Predators, but was excellent in relief duties. He recorded 19 pancakes to just three sacks allowed. Jernigan’s fantastic work ethic has Cincinnati’s coaching staff beaming with delight.

OT – Isidro Collins (Ohio – West Texas)

Collins started 14 games for West Texas had played decent, scoring 37 pancakes to 11 sacks allowed. Isidro Collins greatest attribute is his relentless work ethic, look for him to continue to improve.

RB – John Moen (Fairbanks – London)

John Moen was used as a KR/PR specialist in London. He returned 44 kicks for 1,136 yards, and had 25 punt returns for 147 yards. He did carry the rock twice for two yards.

DE – Jacques Duckett (Alberta – Colorado)

Despite only dressing for two games, Duckett showed that he is worthy of playing for a CFA squad and could grow into a solid starter/rotation player. In his brief showing, Duckett had three tackles and one sack.

OG – Billie Perez (Toronto – New York)

New York’s call up of Billie Perez looks to have been a depth move. He did start one game and had two pancakes and allowed three sacks.

WR – Brian Donohue (Minnesota – Philadelphia)

Philadelphia’s call up of Donohue was almost as bone headed as cutting RB Darnell Gruber a few games in the season when he was running Vicksburg(now Sicily). Donohue’s playing career is effectively over after spending the entire season on the practice squad.




End of an Era: Frank Oliver

Frank Oliver lies on the turf grimacing in pain, he knew it as soon as it happened, it was fractured. His season done. His time in the bay area up in the air as hot shot rookie William Traylor is steering the Hammerheads to playoffs with the pedal to the metal.

It was first and ten, midway in the first quarter. Oliver takes the snap from center Barry Almanza, drops back, looks down primary receiver Jason Ludwig and fires as Scorpions linebacker Winston Carlson comes crashing down on Oliver, causing Oliver’s pass to take flight into the turf. Also causing the crackle heard around the league, Oliver’s leg pinned awkwardly as Winston full body weight of 215 pounds came screeching down on the future hall of famers leg.

Despite his ability to play at an elite level, many critics believed Frank Oliver’s time as the Hammerheads starting quarterback was fast approaching it’s end date. His bad days were increasing, becoming closer together than before. A rough outing against Birmingham in week two had some discouraged with the future hall of famer as he failed to put any points on the board for the first time as a Hammerhead, and had put up a measly stat line of 16/31, 191 yards and 0 TD’s, and 2 INT’s, and a QB rating of 43.9. Despite the narrow victory, he again failed to throw a TD pass in week six against Houston. Before his season ending injury Oliver had tossed a very un-Oliver like 9 TD’s and 5 INT’s on the year. His TD to INT ratio was his lowest since 2014.

Fast forward to week 12, rookie William Traylor is balling, coming off a big victory over division rivals Portland. Traylor had just thrown for 421 yards and 5 TD’s to 0 INT’s. The rookie is progressing at an alarming rate each and every week he starts. In the four games he has started the Hammerheads have averaged 36.8 points a game and are 3-1. He has thrown 16 TD’s to 8 INT’s for a quarterback rating 100.5.

Frank Oliver is William Traylor’s biggest fan, and Traylor is Oliver’s biggest student. The two break down film together as Oliver recovers from his fractured leg. He guides the rookie during games, often helping with play calling. Traylor credits Oliver for his steady growth as a quarterback.

At 33, there’s no question that Frank Oliver can still play at an elite level, the question is will he still play for the Hammerheads when he’s 34, or will the torch be passed?

2025 Top 20 Mock Draft

With the 2024 regular season in the books, let take a look ahead for the teams not in the big dance with a way to early mock draft.

  1. Frankfurt (2-14) – Trade down. Frankfurt’s roster isn’t in to bad of shape, trading down will net them some needed extra picks without compromising to much.
  2. Tampa Bay(WTX) (13-3) – DT Michael Dent. It’s not often you see a top player in their respective position group have a 100 WE, but that’s exactly what Dent has. It’ll be hard to pass him up knowing that he has excellent strength, and is solid in all other meaningful attritubutes.
  3. San Francisco(TRI) (14-2) – QB William Traylor. Traylor lit up the college ranks and is primed to be the successor of future hall of famer Frank Oliver.
  4. Colorado (4-12) – WR Billy Diaz.  A natural speedster, Diaz can stretch the field and can make would be tacklers miss. He could use some work in the catching department, but his high work ethic makes up for that.
  5. Manchester (4-12) – FS Mark Box. Not the fastest in his class, but the most pro ready FS available. Box has a high work ethic, and could be a day one starter for Manchester.
  6. Zurich (5-11) – DE Troy Bliss
  7. Washington (5-11) – SS Jason Duncan
  8. Carisle(POR) (13-3) – CB Larry Warren
  9. Georgia (6-10) – OT William Jones
  10. Philadelphia (6-10)- CB Jorge Quinn
  11. Orlando (6-10) – OC Paul Ziegler
  12. Nebraska (6-10) – OT Stephen Ogden
  13. London (6-10) – DT Trinidad Spence
  14. Cincinnati (6-10) – OG Andrew Reid
  15. Zurich (NJ) (5-11) – WR Kenneth Hunter
  16. Las Vegas (7-9) – DE Amos Nutter
  17. Costa Rica (8-8) – Trade Pick
  18. San Francisco (SIC) (14-2) – RB Danny Maas
  19. Carisle (WIS) (13-3) – LB Willie Rawlins
  20. San Diego (10-6) – OG Luis Rauch

Vincent Harrison’s 2023 All-Pro Team


First Team: Frank Oliver, San Francisco Hammerheads

Second Team: Rogelio Park, St. Louis Stallions

Third Team: Samuel Henderson, Wisconsin Warhawks


First Team: Alec Williams, Carisle Blue Demons

Second Team: Zack Lemons, New Jersey Bayhawks

Third Team: Willie Weston, Tampa Bay Sentinels


First Team: Charles Pittman, Wisconsin Warhawks

Second Team: Loren Dawkins, West Hampstead Mercurials

Third Team: Timothy Rosario, London Bulldogs

Wide Receivers

First Team: Jason Ludwig, San Francisco Hammerheads and Charles Fonseca, St. Louis Stallions

Second Team: Joel Hutto, Birmingham Bulls and Shawn Levine, Cincinnati Predators

Third Team: Walter Kenyon, Las Vegas Scorpions and Zachery Wiggens, Houston Pride

Tight End

First Team: Edmond Chamberlin, San Francisco Hammerheads

Second Team: Dale Rodriguez, Houston Pride

Third Team: Wesley Sharkey, Birmingham Bulls


First Team: John Muhammad, West Hampstead Mercurials

Second Team: Darnell Gruber, Birmingham Bulls

Third Team: Ronald Savage, Ohio Cardinals


First Team: Tracy Abernathy, Costa Rica Howlers

Second Team: Ray Lacroix, Ohio Cardinals

Third Team: Theodore Leeper, New Jersey Bayhawks


First Team: Tommy Stubbs, Iowa Renegades and Anthony Sheldon, Ohio Cardinals

Second Team: Mark Norris, Birmingham Bulls and Roger Lilly, Orlando Dragons

Third Team: Glenn Zeller, St. Louis Stallions and Douglas Inman, Wisconsin Warhawks


First Team: Rocky Barrett, Houston Pride

Second Team: Michael Henry, Cincinnati Predators

Third Team: Curtis Shaver, St. Louis Stallions

Defensive Tackle

First Team: William Peter, St. Louis Stallions and Harley McClanahan, St. Louis Stallions

Second Team: James Moore, Wisconsin Warhawks and Chris Whitley, New Jersey Bayhawks

Third Team: James Bowers, Houston Pride and Christopher Ramirez, Portland Reavers

Defensive End

First Team: Leandro Clemons, Colorado Mustangs and Tyree Wallace, San Francisco Hammerheads

Second Team: Mark Horvath, Nebraska Plainsmen and Zachary Bateman, St. Louis Stallions

Third Team: Phil Gonzales, Birmingham Bulls and Daniel Bowser, Philadelphia Bombers


First Team: Charles Dixon, San Francisco Hammerheads, Maurice Martin, London Bulldogs, and Ryan Barnette, Houston Pride

Second Team: Jamie Butterfield, Wisconsin Warhawks, Kyle Hagen Tampa Bay Sentinels, and Kenneth Christenson, Wisconsin Warhawks

Third Team: Eric Ward, Carisle Blue Demons, Aaron Harris, Las Vegas Scorpions and Jesse Snell, Birmingham Bulls


First Team: Walter Ortiz, Iowa Renegades and Alex Morrissey, Cincinnati Predators

Second Team: Steve Alvarez, Philadelphia Bombers and Martin Embry, Birmingham Bulls

Third Team: Frank Hatchett, Manchester Maulers and Derrick Knight, Wisconsin Warhawks

Strong Saftey

First Team: Ignacio Voss, Washington Freebirds

Second Team: Ray English, New Jersey Bayhawks

Third Team: Terrance Cardoza, Nebraska Plainsmen

Free Saftey

First Team: Kenneth Hornsby, Trinidad Sharks

Second Team: Darron McAlister, New York Knights

Third Team: Lester Gonzalez, San Diego Raptors


First Team: Daniel Sims, Birmingham Bulls

Second Team: Stephen Shearer, Carisle Blue Demons

Third Team: Paul Shannon, Houston Pride


First Team: Damion Mitchel, Ohio Cardinals

Second Team: Earl Zamora, Frankfurt Vampires

Third Team: Michael Fritz, Washington Freebirds


First Team: Shawn Rubin, Ohio Cardinals

Second Team: Nicholas Robinson, Birmingham Bulls

Third Team: Thomas Bingham, Chicago Wolves

Punt Returner

First Team: Lee Rodriguez, Chicago Wolves

Second Team: Jason Ludwig, San Francisco Hammerheads

Third Team: Anthony McFarland, Colorado Mustangs

Kick Returner

First Team: Joel Hutto, Birmingham Bulls

Second Team: Jason Ludwig, San Francisco Hammerheads

Third Team: William Atchison, Houston Pride

Top 5 Oregon Pro Prospects

Here’s a quick top 5 seniors from Oregon who will be entering the 2024 CFA Draft.


robertson_peter  OL Peter Robertson – 6’7, 302 LBS

22 year old Robertson has shown stunning strength and solid blocking skills all year which have led to 69 pancakes and 0 sacks allowed. Despite being north of 300 pounds, Robertson has great endurance, rarely taking a play off. Although he has great endurance, his speed is a bit lacking and has questionable leadership and maturity issues.

simpson_roberto WR Roberto Simpson – 6’6, 214 LBS

Roberto Simpson flashes quick feet and lighting speed when running routes, and has shown to have good hands. Simpson had a seven game streak of catching a touchdown. Simpson has shown he is willing to block in the run game and has great height, a great goal line pass catcher.

strain_willie RB Willie Strain – 5’11, 192 LBS

The track star turned running back Willie Strain boast unnatural speed. Strain has nearly as good as agility as he does speed, making for one shifty player. Decent hands makes Strain a threat as a pass catching back. He has had problems staying on the field and is currently nursing a pulled hamstring.

goff_eric SS Eric Goff – 6’1, 207 LBS

Goff is good in just about everything you need him to be good at, not a stand out star but a solid player. He has excellent speed and great endurance. Eric Goff likely won’t be a round one selection, or day one starter, but can add solid depth.

hanson_jamie FS Jaime Hanson – 6’0, 178 LBS

Hanson is considered on the lighter side, but he makes up for it in his good agility and speed. A solid tackler, and a ball hawk. The fifth-year senior and proven to have a fantastic work ethic.