What Makes the CFA Unique?

That is the question most people will ask themselves when deciding on joining an online simulation football league. The answer is not simple for the Continental Football Association. The CFA offers a handful of extras that no other league can vouch for..

  1.   League Committee. The CFA has a 9 member committee (including the Commissioner) that decides on what new rules to bring to the table at league meetings.
  2.   Speaking of League Meetings. The CFA is an owner-first driven league. No rule change can be enforced without the rule being voted for by at least 51% of the league’s members.
  3.   Completely Fictional. Fiction players. Fictional teams. Completely unique team identities (created by a member of the league). Nothing about this league represents anything in real life. Its a whole new experience.
  4.   Franchise Tags. We were the first to do it! Other leagues began to follow suit by introducing them but we introduced them first.
  5.   Restricted Free Agents. Have a young player with 2 or less years experience that won’t re-sign? Tender him an RFA and try to keep him or receive compensation for losing him.
  6.   Mini Camps. We are (currently as of this writing) the only league that has a separate camp from the game’s Training Camps. This allows for a little freedom in who to train. No matter how minimal its still a choice you get to make.
  7.   The entire Entry Draft is done via a forum. That means you get to pick every single player yourself. No in-game lists. No simulation. You pick your players. Every one of them.
  8.   Speaking of the draft.. The CFA is the only league (could be mistaken here and if I am we were the first to do this in an outdoor football sim) to feature Entry Draft Sleepers. These are players that are taken in the later rounds (chosen at random by the Commissioner) that are rated equivalently to first round picks. Think of Tom Brady, chosen in the 6th Round of the NFL draft but a future Hall of Famer and one of the greatest QBs to play the game.
  9.   Restructure Contracts. In the CFA you will have the ability to restructure a player contract that just isn’t worth that high dollar salary anymore (the player must be on a two or more year deal at the time of restructure).
  10.   Amnesty Cuts for new owners. In your first season as an owner in the CFA? You get a freebie. Cut any one player at no penalty. No other league does this.
  11.   We have a Collegiate League. We aren’t the first to do this but we will be introducing a Collegiate League to the CFA that will provide the pro league with new players each year.
  12.   League Awards and Hall of Fame.. this isn’t unique to the CFA. What is, though, is the ability to vote on these things for yourself. The CFA was the first to do it but nearly all other leagues (to my knowledge) do this.
  13. Lastly… Parity. The CFA’s parity is at an all-time high. It seems as though any team in the CFA could beat anyone else. We’ve crowned 10 different Champions in 12 seasons as of writing this.

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